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In this pocket square the main skylight from the main concert hall of Barcelona’s palace of music has been represented, which is one of the greatest examples of vitrail work within catalonia’s very particular art nouveau. In the corners, the capitals from the columns of the same room are represented.

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This pocket square has been hand rolled and stitched.  All of our pocket squares hand finished, and printed in Spain with dupont ink, which is amongst the best in the world.

Made in a 70% wool, 30% silk blend, the open weave is traslucent and has little heft. This allows it to look good even in the thinnest of jackets without its 43 x 43cm size being a problem. It is ideal for informal outfits, due to the matte finish.

The 43 x 43 cm size is a way of making sure they will never fall into the pocket.

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